Senior Consultant

System7 is a successful International franchise consultancy and provides you with an opportunity to work alongside a variety of successful business owners who are interested in developing a new franchise network.

Our Senior Consultants work as part of a team, helping small and medium sized companies to successfully develop, launch and manage a franchise network, our back office team includes–but isn’t limited to–the following business disciplines;

  • Sales & marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Financial management
  • Business risk analysis
  • Information technology
  • Project management
  • Franchisee recruitment

You will need to have had experience of working at a senior management level either in sales, marketing, consultancy or business development. The role requires you to attend, direct and manage a series of workshops which could ultimately result in you having to produce a detailed feasibility report on behalf of our prospective client.

The Senior Consultant role is a great opportunity for mature and suitably experienced professionals looking to work at their own pace without a large corporation breathing down their necks, whilst still having the drive, desire and determination to succeed.

You may have come from a business background which will give you a firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing SME’s in this economic climate.

However; two of the most important, and in our view, essential qualities you will need are honesty and reliability; without either it would be impossible for our clients to have faith in you and our management team.

If you would like more information about joining our team as a Senior Consultant, please call us on 0800 01 999 41 or complete our online contact form and we will call you to discuss the opportunity in greater detail.

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